US vice president Kamala Harris met with top tech CEOs to discuss the risks associated with AI. She met with the CEOs, accompanied by Biden’s top advisors, on May 4, 2023, to figure out the impacts of the budding technology.

AI discussions continue raging

Kamala was joined by Biden’s nine advisors in Science, national security, economics, and policy in a meeting with CEOs of OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, and Google in the discussions about the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) 

Before the meeting, the White House released a series of AI-related announcements regarding the efforts to support AI research. The meeting largely focussed on the transparency of AI systems, the need for evaluating and validating their safety, and ensuring that they won’t land in the hands of bad actors

Reportedly, the meeting resolved that more work is needed to ensure the technology’s safety. The CEOs pledged to engage with the White House to ensure that Americans would benefit from the revolution. However, no information was shared with the general public regarding the specific details of the required safety measures for the AI programs.

The absence of Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was widely noticed despite his company having worked on AI for the past several years. As retaliation, a White House official told CNN that the meeting was held with companies currently leading in the AI space.

The efforts towards monitoring the AI space and products associated with AI are intensifying as individuals like Elon Musk, companies like Samsung, banking corporations, and governments worldwide notice that the technology could endanger humanity. 

However, these entities are not condemning or hindering the development of AI technology; they are seeking ways to regulate and sensitize the public to its possible risks. 

Now, the US has said that it will release a draft policy on how the US government will use AI and be open for public commentary this summer. It also said that it would introduce technology policies in the future. Keep watching Fintech Express for updates on this and other tech stories.