Samsung has issued a company-wide ban against generative AI tools like ChatGPT on all internally owned devices and networks. The company is now among the growing number that detests using AI tools.

Battle against AI tools continues

Samsung has joined a number of high-profile individuals and companies that are fighting against the use of AI. This mobile manufacturer has issued an ultimatum to its employees against using AI tools like ChatGPT on the devices it issues or its internal networks. 

The company has said it’s taking this step to protect its trading secrets after one of its employees uploaded a sensitive code to ChatGPT. The company told its staff that although the interest surrounding AI platforms is growing, their security risks are also increasing. 

In the internal memo, the company highlighted concerns over the data shared with AI platforms and its potential to be stored on external servers that it may have little control over retrieving or modifying. It added that its HQ is reviewing the safety measures for using AI tools to enhance the productivity of its employees.

However, it added that its worth noting that unless and until such measures are in place, the use of AI tools by its employees is temporarily restricted. It added that the company employees would go against the memo’s instructions and risk disciplinary action, including the termination of work contracts.

Samsung is now among other major companies like JPMorgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup that are restricting the usage of AI tools. Others like Elon Musk have warned that the risks of using AI tools may be far more significant than any weapon ever created. 

However, most of these entities are already developing their AI-based tools. Keep watching Fintech Express for updates on technology and Fintech-related stories.