The price of Polygon Matic has risen by 48% in 2023, regardless of the ongoing crypto bear run. The price surge follows an increase in its usage of blockchain, becoming the second one in the most recorded daily transactions. 

Polygon Matic price defies bear run

Ethereum’s scaling solution, Polygon, has been experiencing a surge in daily usage. As a result, its native coin, MATIC, is gaining in price. It has risen by 48% in 2023, with a 12% rise in the past 24 hours.

The Polygon team has been busy developing it and making strategic partnerships. In December, it announced that it had increased DAUs, which may be a reason behind its surge in usage and price of its crypto. 

It is also anticipating the mainnet launch of its zero knowledge-EVM early this year following its successful test net launch in October 2022.