Solana finally revealed the SAGA phone in Mid-April after being waited for by crypto enthusiasts for long. The device is designed to be seamless in making transactions and will allow customers from select regions to order it beginning May 8

First Web 3 smartphone?

Solana has introduced the SAGA smartphone to the world, with customers from the U.S., E.U., U.K., Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand to be allowed to order it beginning May 8. 

The device retails at $1000 and runs on Android software. Since Google and Apple stores enforce strict regulations around their payment systems, which affects many Web 3 applications, Solana decided to step in to prevent compromises being made by the applications, which may, in turn, inhibit the full potential of the Web 3 solutions.

One example of the inhibition affecting Web 3 applications is the Uniswap app. This application was stuck in the Apple Store publishing process for over a month to ‘comply’ with the set standards. Now, Solana’s SAGA steps in here. It will have a separate app store designed to allow for the publishing of Web 3 applications without much struggle.

Is Solana giving Web 3 enthusiasts crypto’s smart security tech?

Yes, they are going to get a taste of their tech. The phone is packed with multiple security protocols and solutions employed in the crypto industry. Once users acquire their Solana Saga Phone, they will be prompted to connect their Web3 wallets or create a new one integrated into the device. 

The selected wallet will then be used to conduct the transactions securely. The inbuilt wallet is secured in a separate layer from the Android operating system. The phone also has an element processor, meaning that the wallet is encrypted, so the device administration systems cannot decrypt it without the owner’s engagement.

The mobile device will feature 16 Dapps ready for downloading from the Solana App Store during the first launch phase. These apps include Audius, Dialect, Jupiter Aggregator, Ledger, Magic Eden, Marinade, Squads, and others. 

The phone will also allow its buyers to claim a SAGA NFT token once they are done setting it up. The first few users will also receive a welcome package featuring crypto assets and sticker packs. Keep watching Fintech Express for updates on the progress of the SAGA phone in the markets and other Web 3-related stories.