Key Points

  • Shiba Inus marketing strategist Lucie has issued a stern warning and offered instructions to reduce the risk of phishing attacks when using Shibarium.
  • Shibarium went live on August 16 as an Ethereum layer two scaling solution and can be accessed by anyone for development, just like other EVM blockchains.

Shiba Inu’s marketing strategist Lucie has cautioned the public against possible phishing attacks on the new Shibarium blockchain, giving instructions to keep safe.

Shibarium blockchain goes live

Shibarium blockchain has long been a long-awaited blockchain for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. As such, it is expected that attacks could be carried out on the blockchain against its users.

The meme coin’s marketing strategist Lucie has cautioned users against possible phishing attacks, asking them to remain vigilant and exercise caution when interacting with projects on the network. Like BNB Chain and Ethereum blockchains, Shibarium allows for the development and deployment of any project that could be used as an avenue for swindling money to un-detecting users. 

In a Twitter post, Lucies stated that though the network’s openness is great, it also opens routes for bad actors, who could even use the Shiba and Shibarium names in their scammy projects.

“Similar to Polygon, Ethereum, and other blockchains, Shibarium is open for anyone to build on. Regrettably, this also allows bad actors to develop scam dApps and rug-pull tokens, among other things. The mere incorporation of the term “Shibarium” or “Shib” in their names holds no credibility.”

Lucie explained to users that they ought to prioritize development over all else. 

“Prioritize research: delve into their Telegram and Discord channels, gauge the community’s atmosphere, scrutinize their social media posts, and check Etherscan. Prioritizing your safety is paramount.”

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