Key Points

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is preparing to have an edge against its competitors by launching AI chatbots with personalities.
  • The move is to ensure that the company ‘retains users’ as more competitors grow in the budding industry.

Meta, a social media incorporation company, plans to launch AI chatbots with personalities to retain their user base as competition grows in the budding industry.

Meta takes a step further by developing AI chatbots with personalities

Artificial Intelligence has grown to a whole new level and keeps getting wild developments. As such, AI investors want to introduce new products to edge each other. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is rumored to launch AI chatbots with personalities that make them more human-like to retain users.

An August 1st report by Financial Times indicates that people close to the matter have revealed that prototypes of such chatbots are already underway, with final products being able to carry out the discussion at almost a human level.

 These chatbots are reportedly scheduled for initial public releases or tests as early as next month and will come with different human-like personalities. The sources disclosed that the chatbots have been dubbed “personas” and will be different characters. A given source even stated that one of the chatbots has voice capabilities and takes after the famous US President Abraham Lincoln. At the same time, another speaks like a surfer and will be giving travel advice.

Some of the bots’ abilities will be offering recommendations and bearing search functionality along with being a “fun product to play with.” These reports come when tech industry stakeholders are moved by the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence. An open forum is already being signed to try and slow down the development of such technologies till fitting regulatory insight and frameworks are in place.

In the EU, the first comprehensive regulatory framework for AI products is already in place, with the US needing to catch up as talks are in place to develop a fitting regulatory framework for the industry. Whether Meta’s “Personas” will follow the few set regulations in the world and be accepted by governments and regulators is time to be seen. Keep watching Fintech Express for more updates on AI and other Tech stories and developments.