Key Points

  • Polygon Labs proposes an update to zkEVM validium, a Layer 2 network on Ethereum to bear its flagship PoS sidechain.
  • The plan is to bring the network’s PoS chain in line with its Polygon 2.0 goal, which seeks to increase security and efficiency in the network.

On June 20, Polygon Labs, the company behind the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon network, published a pre-proposal post seeking to make its primary chain compatible with zero knowledge of Ethereum Virtual Machine technology.

Polygon to adopt zero-knowledge proof technology

Zero Knowledge proof technology has been gaining traction and attention in the crypto industry due to its promising ability to improve the security of blockchain networks. As such, it has seen growing adoption by notable networks and projects.

On June 20, Polygon, an Ethereum network scaling solution, expressed that it had tabled a proposal to connect the present PoS chain with its Polygon 2.0 concept. The network’s V2 concept is the future version of the network, which employs zkEVM validium, a zero-knowledge scaling technology.

This integration will increase the network’s immutability while lowering its transaction fees, thus increasing efficiency. The validium update varies from another proposed ZK rollup that seeks to employ an off-chain data availability architecture. The ZK rollup was introduced in the network in March 2023.

Per a post by the network’s co-founder Mihailo Bjelic, the network will become more “future-proof” if the community accepts this proposal. He added that the updated PoS chain would co-exist with old zkEVM in its ecosystem. If approved, the update will be deployed on the mainnet by the end of 2024.

This update would be the first time an existing blockchain network has included ZK proofs and advances to its layer 2. As such, it would be a remarkable event to create a benchmark for other networks. Keep watching Fintech Express for updates on blockchain technology and other crypto-related developments.