Key Points

  • A June 20 post by cyber Security firm, Group-IB reveals that over 100K ChatGPT logins might have been exposed to the Darkweb.
  • The exposes happened over the past year and have been traded on the darkweb.

Concerns surrounding ChatGPT user credentials being leaked online and traded on the Darkweb are surfacing after a blog post by Singaporean cybersecurity firm Group-IB. The firm alleges that over 101K ChatGPT logins appear to have been stolen over the past year and traded over the dark web between June 2022 and May 2023.

Calls for caution when using AI as ChatGPT appears to be compromised

Concerns surrounding the usage of Artificial intelligence are increasing as the risks associated with the innovation get uncovered. Regulators worldwide have been working on the issue to prevent their citizens from being harmed.

The EU has already passed the world’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence regulatory framework, with the US proposing a bipartisan bill to introduce a national commission to figure out the best approach to regulate Artificial Intelligence there.

The key similarity in these two regulatory approaches is to protect users from data breaches and mishandling by Artificial Intelligence systems. These dreaded events are exactly what Group-IB has brought to light about ChatGPT. According to the firm, May 2023 alone saw around 27,000 ChatGPT-related credentials on online black markets.

It added that the Asia Pacific region had the highest number of leaked credentials, making up around 40% of the whole figure, while Indian based credentials accounted for around 12,500. 

These developments come at a time when regulating emerging markets and industries is a main issue in the world. As such, it is expected to attract legal consequences and more oversight as such data breaches are often taken seriously. Keep watching Fintech Express for more updates on this and other Finance and technology-related stories