It’s refreshing for all Americans as you celebrate your country’s independence. Fintech Express wishes you all a happy time. However, we also wish to make you reflect on what financial freedom and independence could mean to your lives.

What is Financial freedom?

By definition, financial freedom means having enough financial resources to pay for all living expenses and achieve your life goals. How about we bring in the word of the day, “Independence.”

Independence simply means to be self-sufficient. It’s where you do not have to rely on the mercy of others to achieve your desired outcomes. Independence should go hand in hand with freedom when it comes to finance.

Find a way to intertwine the two, and you will have saved yourself a great deal of pain. Financial pain can come in two ways:

  • Not having resources 
  • Having resources but not being able to access them

Get the government away from your wallets

As mentioned above, financial freedom can come from being unable to access your hard-earned resources during a time of need. Try withdrawing a million dollars from your local bank in a day. You might get it in less than two. 

What does this tell you? The banking system needs to be fixed in its way of functioning. It will deter you from accessing your funds. We have seen bank freezes happen, transactions decline, and governments introduce withdrawal limits. Is this freedom? Does it show any financial independence? I don’t think so!

No worries, a beloved inventor and innovator, Satoshi Nakamoto, brought a candle with him during one of the darkest nights, which has now grown to become a lighthouse to guide vessels of financial voyagers.

Yes, you guessed it right. He introduced Bitcoin to the world in one of the darkest periods in the history of Central Banking, the 2008 financial collapse cycle. Bitcoin has inspired many other decentralized crypto projects that do away with the need for trusting governments and banks with your money.

This Ark is what will empower your independence as you seek financial freedom. However, you have to take your time and research how to protect yourself in the crypto industry. But no worries, that’s where we come in. Fintech Express is at your service to offer you educative content along your research voyage in the crypto ocean. 

May you enjoy a lifetime of independence!

This article is not financial advice or a marketing tool for any asset or field. However, it is meant to invoke the feeling of freedom and spark the fire of thought and adventure. We wish you a lifetime of financial independence and freedom! Till we meet again!