Key Point

  • A bitcoin flash crash that saw the price of the coin dip to $25K levels has seen over $1 billion in both longs and shorts liquidated
  • The crash now stands as one of the biggest ever in the liquidations history of the coin

Crypto traders are left counting huge losses as $1.04B in liquidations happened over the last 24 hours as the price of Bitcoin fell to $25,200.

Bitcoin crash liquidates both shorts and longs at a record rate

The recent flash crash of the coin caused its futures market to become highly unstable, claiming over $1 billion in liquidations for both shorts and longs positions. 

Per data from the on-chain analytics platform Crypto Rank, traders at OKX had the highest hit accounting for $332M of total liquidations, while Derbit followed closely with $273M in liquidations. At the same time, Binance had $218M, Huobi had $107M, and Bybit came fifth with $56M in liquidations.

At the time of writing, the coin’s price was still not fully recovered as it traded at $26,300. The coin still has a low trading volume though it is showing recovery signs; however, it is not promised to fully recover in the coming hours as weekend bearish sentiment may be setting in. Do your own research and trade accordingly.

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